Future Ideas

In work – I am currently working on the following items:

  • Initial launch of Local and Strong
  • Finding Producers to list
  • Adding a Producer add form
  • Starting a email list to keep people updated
  • Starting FaceBook groups to support this
  • Looking for feedback to improve and focus this idea
  • Add social media links

Near Future – Assuming I have some interest:

  • Add a consumer list to reach out to possible producers

Distant Future – This is my long vision for Local and Strong:

  • Add search and filter options
  • Add a paid option for Producers that want better “ads”
  • Expand to areas beyond Cumberland County
  • Provide website services to customers

Never Going To Happen – My promise to Local and Strong users:

  • Charging for a basic listing
  • Adding pop-up adds – I really hate those things
  • Selling any information that was entrusted to me